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TJLA Banquet For Braunvieh Junior Heifer Showmen in Houston. Congratulations all Braunvieh exhibitors and TBJA Members.  

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"Dedicated to promoting the Braunvieh Breed"


Judge Kolton Thigpen said this, "The Braunvieh Breeders put on one heck of a state show! The most memorable show I have been honored to judge to date....not only did they start day 2 off with a 7 am worship service but they had campfire biscuits and sausage gravy right after! The leaders that put this on we're tremendous, they were all about the kids and not only did they allow extra time to spend with the kids in the ring but they encouraged it. They are doing it right over there and it was extremely encouraging! Got to judge beside my good friend and competitor Victor G. Guerra and that was an honor as well!

One of the main focus of promoting the Braunvieh breed is through strong support of the Texas Junior Braunvieh Breeders Association which actively participates in livestock show and exhibits.  

We are the perfect breed to get juniors started showing and competing. Braunvieh cattle are docile and have great dispositions for young showmen.

2016 Texas Junior Braunvieh Showcase Participants May 13-14-15 in Belton Texas at the Bell County Expo facilities.. A great group of exhibitors showed up for the three day event.

Juniors at 2016 Houston Livestock Show, Andrew Duke, Caitlyn Stotts, Makinzie Hinton and Jaydin White.  Photographs submitted by Anna Duke.

  • Bennett, Macy               Cypress, Texas
  • Bickers, Aiden              Valley View, Texas
  • Bickers, Sydney            Valley View, Texas
  • Bolcik, Brody                Waller, Texas
  • Bolcik, Lauren               Waller, Texas
  • Bradshaw, Steven          Kemp, Texas
  • Duke, Andrew                Damon, Texas
  • Heimann, Rhett              Texline, Texas
  • Hinton, Kasie                 Clarendon, Texas
  • HInton, Lane                  Clarendon, Texas
  • HInton, Makenzie            Clarendon, Texas
  • Jones, Clay                     Peaster, Texas
  • Jones, Makenzie              Peaster, Texas
  • Mayer, Abigail Anne         Cameron, Texas
  • McKay, Bailee                  Damas, Texas
  • McKay, Rylee                    Damas, Texas
  • Merett, Travis                    Montgomery, Texas
  • Pittman, Coy                   Canadian, Texas
  • Plott, Olivia                     Adair, Oklahoma
  • Sanders, Samantha            Brenham, Texas
  • Searle, Emily                      Brenham, Texas
  • Stotts, Grace                       Lone Oak, Texas
  • Thorne, Grace                  Cleburne, Texas
  • Taliaferro, Ty                       Wylie Rosser, Texas
  • Williams, Tate                     Perryton, Texas
  • Wheeler, Cash                    Stretford, Texas
  • Wolken, Ayden Alen            Mendenhall, MS
  • ​Wolken, Paxton                   Mendenhall, MS

The Texas Braunvieh Association is excited to present to you the opportunity to help award it’s juniors who have exhibited a strong work ethic and good character financial assistance to further their education at the collegiate level. Throughout the year young people from across the country put forth great effort to be good stewards of agriculture, and learn valuable life lessons through raising and exhibiting Braunvieh cattle. We are asking for your help in rewarding the hard work put forth by these young people!  

 President - James Hinton

Clarendon, TX 79226


Vice President - Donnie Johnson

TJBA Chairman

Brenham, Texs

(214) 226-3347


Treasurer - ​David Hall
Palestine, TX
(903) 948-1946

Secretary - Loretta Hall

Hedley, TX

​( 806) 930-2565


Board of Directors

Taylor Duke
Damon, TX
(713) 248-8223

Jessica Johnston  

TJBA Chairman
College Station, TX
(817) 925-3154

​Leslie Mirassou

TJBA Chairman
Weatherford, TX 
(408) 968-8470

Jose Lucas "Pepe" Guerra

Linn, TX



Clydean Pittman

Canadian, TX




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Junior Braunvieh Breeders Incentive


TJBA 2016- texas junior  

BRAUNVIEH association


Texas Junior Braunvieh Princess Samantha Sanders

  • May 5-6-7 TBA Junior Braunvieh Show Belten, Texas​
  • June 13-16, 2017 – National Braunvieh Junior Show, Paola, Kan.

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Junior Braunvieh Breeders Incentive


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TJBA 2016- texas junior  BRAUNVIEH association

Texas Junior Braunvieh Queen Makinzie Hinton